Project VRHQ is an experimental VR experience where immersion is the top priority. Targeting Oculus Quest, you will be transported into worlds you've never dreamed of, and experience things you will never forget, while trying to solve mysteries of the world.

Co-Owner/Developer at Don't Look Digital

Project VRHQ

Black Box VR

Black Box combines the addictive qualities of gaming and the power of immersive technologies with a patent-pending dynamic resistance machine to improve your fitness level and transform your life.

VR Developer at Black Box VR

Blending multiple genres ranging from wave shooters, tower defense, and RPGs - Project Curved World is being developed to take multiplayer gaming to the next level with innovative gameplay design and crossplay between PC, Consoles, Mobile and VR platforms.

Co-Owner/Developer at Don't Look Digital

Project Curved World

Don't Upset Bobby

Don't Upset Bobby can be described as "horror jenga". Bobby wants to you build him something with his toys and every second it's not finished, he gets increasingly angry!

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Co-Owner/Developer at Don't Look Digital

My name is Jeffrey Bull Jr and I am a virtual reality developer with over ten years of experience working in the software development industry. I’ve spent the past several years working with teams to bring innovative virtual reality experiences to the market, such as the world’s first virtual reality resistance training facilities, and innovative social gameplay that bridges the gap between VR, PC, and mobile phones.

I'm also proud to be a part of the Oculus Start program.